Updated Trail Plan!!!

John, thanks to you and Steph for volunteering to come out on Saturday.  Putting the two large footbridges on SVT  back into position are the highest priority for this weekend.  Appreciate if you could bring your rope puller and help direct the operations.  I will publicize the need for Spooky Beavers to come out on Sat and Sun to work on the projects Mike has outlined.  However, more bodies are needed to get footbridges back into position and clear blowdowns from the trails.

Here’s a suggested email to send out to the other District Managers:

Fellow District Managers:  Prince William Forest Park sustained heavy and sustained flooding recently, and several popular sections of its 37 miles of hiking paths are currently closed.  Additional manpower is needed to get about 15 footbridges ranging from 8 to 25 feet in length back into position as well as sawyers and swampers to clear 15 – 20  blowdowns from about 8 miles of trails

The Spooky Beaver crew is hosting trail worktrip outings this coming weekend on Saturday, 22 Aug and Sunday, 23 Aug.  Meet at PWFP in the Turkey Run Education Center parking lot  by 8:00 am.  If asked to pay an entry fee either upon arrival or departure, please let the park staff know you are volunteering with the Spooky Beaver crew to fix the trails.   Upon arrival, please follow PATC COVID-19 protocols by wearing a mask until such time social distancing requirements can be met.  We plan to work until 4:30 pm each day, but volunteers  can leave as they need.

For  the footbridge work, no specialized experience is required (well, maybe a strong back!).  Those with grip hoist experience are encouraged to participate.  Sawyers must have current  NPS or USFS sawyer certification, and have their own chain saw and required personal protection equipment.    Please bring your  chain saw certification documents.  All participants should be  prepared to hike up to 4 miles with tools (the greatest elevation gain anywhere in the park is 300 feet, so we’re not talking SNP elevation gains).  Dress for the weather, work gloves are strongly recommended and  bug spray is strongly recommended as ticks are very prevalent.  Hard hats are available.

Participants should complete the attached OF 301A, Volunteer Service Agreement, which is specific to PWFP.  To avoid the handling of paper forms, participants are encouraged to complete and return via email to me. 

Thank you for sharing this missive with your district’s trail volunteers.  Please ask them to respond directly to me and indicate which day(s) they are available and what tasks they wish to assist with. 

Mark Ellis
PATC District Manager
Prince William Forest Park

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