Spooky Beaver Update – 3/22/2020

Spooky Beavers:

1.    MOU STATUS:  Still no word on the new MOU, so again, NO TRAIL WORK

If you choose to hike in the park and want to report something that needs
the attention of the park staff, please EMAIL ME and I will pass the info

The April 11th crew work trip is tentative and is dependent upon the signing
of the new MOU. 

The park clarified their policy about volunteering under the direction of
the park staff.  We can’t volunteer on our own to work with the park staff,
so again, NO TRAIL WORK. 

2.  PARK STATUS:  The park is open, but the Visitor Center is closed until
further notice. As always, if you choose to hike in PWFP or elsewhere,  HYOH
(Hike Your Own Hike), but temper your approach with the CDC,  PATC,  and
PWFP COVID-19 precautions.  See:




3.  TRAIL STATUS:  See summary below from Mike Cu, Roads and Trails,
about ongoing trail work done by the park staff.  Thanks!

4.  WELCOME TO THE CREW:  Welcome to Dave R, our newest Spooky Beaver
crewmate.  He’s volunteered to oversee the North Valley Tr – From Burma Rd
to Quantico Falls Tr. 

Mark Ellis
PATC District Manager
Prince William Forest Park

From: Cu, Michael
Sent: Friday, March 20, 2020 6:23 AM
To: Mark Ellis, O, Paul
Subject: Trail Report 3/20


SVT, 1 mile from Oakridge Campground: 
-Removed 6 inch pine blowdown on SVT, 1 mile from Oakridge Campground
-Cleaned underneath bogwalk in the above section…water had collected
causing muddy conditions. Hope that will help. 

Entire Length of SVT, NVT and Oakridge Trail is clear (except the above 6
inch blowdown that I cleared yesterday)  with the usual mucky and eroded
culprits, but in decent shape all things considered. My wife and I hiked the
17 mile loop this past Monday.

High Meadows Is clear with the usual mucky areas between SVT and Taylor
Farm. Reported by Paul Seymour who hiked yesterday. 

Chop. Trail:
-On Chop Trail, downhill from Site 6 just before the footbridge, Justin,
Paul Seymour, and myself built 10 ft bogwalk over the dry tributary crossing
that had a small sinkhole in it. The 2×8 stringers are reinforced by 2×4’s
underneath, so the structure is solid, with no bounce. We rebarred the 6×6
footers in so they won’t move. There is room to expand bogwalk with 2×4’s on
either side of the 2×8’s if needed. This should be fine for the backcountry

Birch Bluff Trail: 
-Deneith and I cleaned the 2 grade dips above Swinging Bridge (only dips on
Laurel Loop we cleaned)
-We then cleaned the several grade dips on west side of Birch Bluff,
rehabbing 1 of them. The other grade dips are cleaned, but still need

As Other FYI in case you or your crew are out here hiking: 
-Turkey Run campground is closed, but bathrooms remain open
-Chop Backcountry will become day use only
-Visitor’s Center is closed
-Staff in field is limited to Maintenance and L.E. Everyone else is
-Entrance Fees are waived, but Oakridge Camping fee remains in effect.
-Current bathrooms that are already open will remain open for now. Bathrooms
that are closed for season will remain that way.
-We have work restrictions, so at this time, I cannot formally invite
volunteers to join me. Paul S knew ahead of time my plans for the
bogwalk and decided on his own to come in. Thank you for his help as
-Things are constantly changing, I’ll update you with pertinent info. 
-Beginning next week, my schedule will change to Tuesday thru Friday, 0500
to 1530 unless needed additionally

Be Safe out there. Hope you all can get out here soon. Visitation here is
sky high. 

Mike Cu

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