Spooky Beaver Update- 12 Feb 2019

So, looks like we’re waiting for the paperwork to be signed (i.e., the new one-year agreement), and then we’ll be permitted to return to our trail volunteer tasks.

Please continue to be patient until I share the official word.

And if you’re planning to go visit the park during the week, know that the large wooden bridge on Scenic Drive just before Parking Lot A is being rehabbed and is blocked off.  There are detours in place to get in and out of the park.  To get into the park, drive past Park Entrance Rd and continue a couple of miles and then turn right on Liming Lane (the VFW is on the corner; if you turn left, you’d be heading down Breckenridge Rd towards Quantico MCB). Continue Liming Ln until you reach the T-intersection with Scenic Dr. You’re between Parking Lots I to the right or H to the left.

To exit the park, drive to Park Lot G and turn down Mawavi Rd.  Stay on Mawavi Rd through the cabin camp area until you reach the T-intersection with Joplin Rd (Route 619).

Watch your speed on Liming Ln and Mawavi Rd.  Both are gravel fire roads with a speed limit of 15 mph.  The LE rangers will be patrolling the detour routes.

Finally, the Pyrite Mine bridge at the intersection of North/South Valley Trails and Pyrite Mine Rd is also being worked on and is closed to foot traffic.    The detour around the worksite if walking west on South Valley Tr is to turn left on Pyrite Mine Rd, then turn right on Cabin Branch Mine Tr to continue North Valley Tr.  Coming west to east on North Valley Tr, do the opposite.  The only way to get to the Pyrite Mine boardwalk area is via the foot bridge at North Valley Tr and Cabin Branch Mine Tr.

Hope to see you on the trails soon.

Mark Ellis

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