Spooky Beaver Update – 12-18-18

Spooky Beaver Crew Members: Due to the recent heavy rains, there’s been storm-related damage to the PWFP trail system, including footbridges that need to be put back into position. So, I ask two things:

One, if you are available, please come to the park on Wednesday, 12/19/18, to assist with putting footbridges back into position. Meet at the PATC sheds at 9:00 am. If possible, please plan to stay for 4 – 5 hours, but whatever time you can spare is appreciated.

Two, if you have footbridges or water diversions on your trail section that
had not yet been cleared of fall forest debris, please check your trail
section ASAP, and report any storm damage with an online report. The leaves have now all fallen, and you should clear your water diversions of forest debris as needed for the winter.

Please drop me a note if you can make it on Wed. Depending on how things go on Wed and what else is reported this week, we may schedule a Saturday worktrip as well. 

Mark Ellis
District Manager
Potomac Appalachian Trail Club
Prince William Forest Park

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