Spooky Beaver Update – 11-26-2018

Fellow Spooky Beavers, the best laid plans, etc., etc.

1. December Worktrip: Turns out there is a 100K/100-mile trail run
occurring on 1 – 2 Dec (see http://www.devildogultras.com/ for details), soWetlands Tape 1 the footbridge extension outing is slipped to Saturday, 8 December. MEET AT THE PINE GROVE PICNIC AREA BY 9:00 AM. AGAIN, PINE GROVE PICNIC AREA by 9:00 AM. We hope to have some local Marines help with the project. Please let me know if you can make it.

2. Winter Notifications to the Visitor Center: As noted below, the Visitor Center is officially closed Tuesdays through Thursdays during the winter hours. However, you can contact Ranger Kerri Syrus via phone during the week at (571) 220-2779 (text is preferred) to notify the park when you plan to work on a trail section. Please indicate what trail section you’ll be working on, if you’re accessing a fire road, and certainly identify yourself
by name as a PATC overseer. If she does not respond in 15 minutes or so, then call the non-emergency number listed below.

Stop now and put Ranger Syrus’s phone number in your mobile phone contacts.

Wetlands Image 23. Wetlands: You may have noticed pink engineer’s tape either on or
alongside your trail section (see attached). The lettering indicates
“Wetlands.” Please do not remove these tapes as they have been put there by the trail plan contractor and/or park staff to indicate a wetland area. If a footbridge or bog bridge is being blocked by forest debris in a wetlands area, you can remove the debris directly surrounding the affected bridge to ensure the trail path is not flooded. Otherwise, if you find trail safety is being hampered in these areas (typically because of water is flooding and remains on the trail), please file a work trip report and forward pictures with descriptions so I can coordinate appropriate actions with the park staff.

Thanks for all you do to keep the hiking paths at PWFP clear for the public
to use.

Mark Ellis
District Manager
Potomac Appalachian Trail Club

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