Spooky Beaver Update – 05-31-2019

Thanks to those who responded and let me know whether they can assist tomorrow (1 June).  At this point, unless we get a lot more people come out, my plan is to work only on the South Valley Trail (SVT) footbridge project. 

Remember, our meeting location and time are different tomorrow. Meet at the Telegraph Rd parking lot at 8:00 am. Be aware the annual Paws in the Park event will be taking place in the Pine Grove Picnic Area and parking lot around the Visitor Center. 

If you arrive after 8:30 am, we may have already departed for the work site. Our work location is on the SVT between Oak Ridge Campground parking lot and Mawavi Rd. If starting from the Oak Ridge trailhead, park in the parking lot and walk about 1.5 miles to the work site. This path is mainly downhill. Just a hint:  If the trail you’re walking has yellow and green blazes, you’re on the wrong trail (Farm to Forest Tr).  Cross over the parking lot and go down the white blazed SVT.  

Or park at Parking Lot G, walk down thr fire road for a mile  to the intersection with SVT, turn right onto SVT and walk about 1.2 miles over a couple of ridge lines to the worksite (5th footbridge from Mawavi Rd).  

Be sure to bring sunscreen, bug spray, and plenty (at least 3 liters of water). 

Call or text my cell phone – (703) 376-4150 – if you need to reach me tomorrow. 

Mark Ellis

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