Spooky Beaver Update – 05-20-2019

Spooky Beavers, here’s the latest info:

1.  JUNE 1, 2019 – NATIONAL TRAILS DAY WORK TRIP.  Meet by 8:00 AM at the Telegraph Road Picnic Area parking lot.  We’re inviting members of the public to help remove and replace a 20-foot-long footbridge on the South Valley Trail between Mawavi Rd and Oakridge Campground.  If we have enough volunteers, we will also add three sections to the bog bridges on High Meadows Trail, North section.  Please let me know if you are planning to participate, and if you can bring a battery-powered drill or driver.  If you’ve not done so already, please RSVP by 5/27/2019.

2.  WELCOME:  Please join me in welcoming new overseers / crew members to the Spooky Beaver crew.

– Dave S – Co-Overseer – North/South Valley Tr – From Cabin Branch
Mine Tr to North Orenda Rd
– Andrew S – Overseer – South Valley Tr – From Scenic Dr 3rd Int to
North Orenda Rd
– Stacey B – Overseer – Piedmont Forest Tr and Muschette Tr – a
– Shaun H – Overseer – Algonquin Tr 
– Bill M – Overseer – High Meadow South Tr 

3.  HELP WANTED:  Please let your friends, colleagues, and family know of our trail sections that need a caring overseer.  You can forward me their contact info, and I’ll take it from there.

– Carter’s Pond    Tr – 0.2 miles
– South Valley Tr – From Oak Ridge Campground to Mawavi Rd –     2.5 miles

4.  VEGETATION CONTROL:  It’s that time of year to start clearing vegetation (grasses, weeds, poison ivy,  and tree branches) from your trail sections to keep hikers safe from ticks and other nasty woodland pests. If your trail section traditionally needs to be cleared of vegetation (Valley trails, Farm to Forest trails, High Meadow trails, etc.), please schedule a work trip to your trail section in the next 45 – 60 days and start clearing back the vegetation.  Otherwise, please let me know your schedule does not permit a work trip in the near future,  so I can ask the crew to help.  We want to avoid having the Park staff closing your trail section due to overgrown vegetation.  

5.  HELP NEEDED:  As noted earlier, South Valley Tr from Oakridge Campground to Mawavi Rd has no assigned overseer and is need of clipping weed whacking NOW.  If you’re available to assist either during the week or on a weekend, please REPLY ALL with your days and times of availability, and I’ll set up work trips to tackle the overgrowth before it overwhelms the trail.    

6.  JOB HAZARD ANALYSIS (JHA):  JHAs define the tasks we do on the trails, the risks and hazards we face on the trails doing those tasks, and how we should mitigate those risks to ensure everyone is safe while on the trails. Please take a few minutes to review these forms and documents on our Forms Page and consider this information each and every time you hit trails.  Printed copies are also available in the hand tools shed.

7.  FORMS, FORMS, FORMS:  No one who is not a Spooky Beaver crew member or park staff member may join you working on a trail without a signed OF FORM 301. This is also available on our Forms Page.

    a.  OF FORM 301A – VOLUNTEER SERVICE AGREEMENT – NATURAL AND CULTURAL RESOURCES – INDIVIDUALS:  Required for all overseers and crew members.  If you have not done so already since January 1, 2019, please complete and sign, and send me the completed form, which is available on our Forms Page.  

If you allow someone to help you on your trail section that is under the age of 18, please ask the parent or guardian to complete an OF FORM 301A to give permission for their youth to work with you.

    b.  OF FORM 301B – VOLUNTEER SERVICE AGREEMENT – NATURAL AND CULTURAL RESOURCES – VOLUNTEER SIGN-UP FORM FOR GROUPS: Use this form when adults join you for trail work.  Again, this one is available on our Forms Page.

    c.  FORMS PROCESSES:  Blank forms are available in the hand tools
shed (look for clip board hanging on the door). Leave any completed forms there as well.  

8.  UPDATE ON COMPREHENSIVE TRAIL PLAN (CTP):  PWFP leadership has submitted the draft CTP for formal approval by the National Park Service. Once approved, the plan is to start the planning processes to re-locate the moderately and severely sections of trails mentioned in Appendix B of the report which is Here.


10.  THANKS:  For all you do to keep the trails safe for the hiking and
biking public.  Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions.  

Mark Ellis

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