Spooky Beaver Update – 04-02-2019

Hi, folks, here’s the latest for the Spooky Beaver Crew:

1.  REPORT OF TRAIL CLEARING – BROWN MOUNTAIN TRAIL – SOUTH DISTRICT  – SHENANDOAH NATIONAL PARK:    Ralph Kerr, Tim Chenault, and Mark Ellis joined Melanie Perl, the Assistant District Manager for the South District SNP Blue Blazed  (Side) Trails and two other members of her crew, last Saturday to help clear the Brown Mountain Trail.  Wow, what a change from PWFP!  The trails were definitely steeper than PWFP’s but the views were outstanding. We cleared about 2.5 miles of trail.  Melanie and Vee, the co-overseer, were so appreciative of our time and efforts.  If you have time to help our volunteer brethren in SNP, please consider it.  See attached picture.  Oh, and the burgers and beer in Madison afterwards were Outstanding!


   a.  SATURDAY – 6 APRIL  – SHENANDOAH NATIONAL PARK, SOUTH DISTRICT: So, there’s two different opportunities to help out our SNP volunteer colleagues and the SNP park staff.

        (1)  Loft Mountain Campground:  The campground is littered
with downed trees and branches.  Needed are SNP certified sawyers, but more importantly, lots of people to swamp for the sawyers or to just work with hand saws and loppers to get each campsite cleared of debris.  The terrain is pretty level (hey, it’s a campground).  I am planning to join this group since I have a SNP sawyer card (sorry, Melanie!).  Show time is 9:00 am at the Swift Run Gap  entrance on Route 33.  I suspect we’ll work until the early afternoon.  Email me for more details and to coordinate carpooling. 

        (2)  Rocky Mountain Run Trail:  You’ll be joining Melanie
Perl’s crew for the day clearing downed trees and branches from the trail. Melanie is an excellent crew leader who will make sure you do not overexert yourself.  Please email Melanie at hikermel@gmail.com to get more details. Please copy Ralph Kerr at 74akerr@gmail.com as he is planning to go so you can arrange carpooling from the local area.    No need to grab tools; Melanie will have them at the site.  And hopefully there’s burgers and beer in town afterwards…it’s a SD tradition. 

   b.  SATURDAY – 13 APRIL – SPOOKY BEAVER CREW WORK TRIP:  Crew work day.  The usual…show time by 9:00 am, email me if you’d like help on your trail section.


   d.  SATURDAY – 1 JUNE – NATIONAL TRAILS DAY / SPOOKY BEAVER CREW WORK TRIP:  As in past years, we’ll be inviting members of the public to come out for a day of trail maintenance work.  Need to know by the end of April what specific trail projects you would like to help on for this event. Due to other events in the park that day, we’ll be staging out of the Telegraph Road picnic area parking lot.  Show time is 8:00 am. 

3.  OF FORM 301A/JOB HAZARD ANALYSIS:  If you have not sent me a signed OF301A for 2019 or acknowledgement of the Job Hazard Analysis I sent out earlier, please get those to me ASAP. 

4.  PARKING PASSES:  If you need a new PWFP parking pass, please stop by the Visitor’s Center on Saturday and ask for Kaley.  Kerri Syrus will be on a detail and will be unavailable until further notice.   

5.  THANKS:  For all you do to keep the hiking paths of PWFP safe for
visitors.  Drop me a line or give me a call if you need anything.

And if you’re planning to attend any of the work trips, let the appropriate
folks know you’re coming.  

Mark Ellis
District Manager
Potomac Appalachian Trail Club
Prince William Forest Park

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