Spooky Beaver Crew Update – 07-01-2019

Spooky Beaver Crew:  Here’s the latest info.

1.  WRITE  DOWN OR PUT IT IN YOUR PHONE CONTACT LIST:  The combination on the tool cache box combo lock is (contact Mark Ellis for this information).  And remember, once you have the correct combo set, push the hasp in slightly, then pull it out to open the lock.  To lock it, close the hasp and turn the numbers to something other than the opening combo.  

2.  CREW WORK DAY – JULY 13, 2019:  Yes, it’s likely to be HOT!  But, we
have work to do to control the vegetation amassing on our trail sections.
Please let me know if your trail section needs to be weed whacked or
clipped.  If possible, please bring gasoline powered string trimmers or
brush cutters.  If we have enough folks to man the available trimmers and brush cutters,, we also need to remove the old foot bridge materials from last month’s worksite and also do some blazing if the weather is dry. .

Please RSVP if you are coming and note if  you are bringing a gas powered trimmer or brush cutter by Wednesday, 10 July.

3.  HUSKY BRUSH CUTTER IS NOT WORKING:  We cannot get the Husky brush cutter to start, so it’s going into the shop for maintenance.  In the meantime, there are three Stihl  string trimmers in the power tool shed for weed whacking  Unfortunately, they only take the smaller diameter (.095) line.  

Please us only the 2-cycle fuel mix from the yellow cabinet in the powered tool shed.  Before opening the fuel tank, clear any dirt around it before opening it. There’s rags in the tool cache box    When filling the trimmer with gas, use the small yellow funnel with the screen at the bottom to make sure no dirt enters the fuel tank.

When you’re done, before hanging  the trimmer up in the shed, wipe any dirt from the trimmer before turning it upside down to drain the fuel mix back into a gas bottle or can.  Use the same yellow funnel to drain the fuel out of the trimmer back into a fuel bottle or can.  NEVER leave fuel in a trimmer before hanging it back up.


–  IT’S HOT:  Avoid doing trail work when the temperature is beyond your
safe zone.  Remember, you’re carrying and swinging tools, sometimes in the hot sun, so it’s very easy to get overheated this time of the year.  Take
twice as much water as you’ll think you’ll need (even better, take a water
filter or water purification tablets), wear sunscreen and a hat, and
something to protect your body and eyes from the UV rays.  Take plenty of breaks in the shade, and leave your  work area with energy to spare for your safe trek back to your vehicle.  

– SAFETY VIDEOS:  See https://www.nps.gov/iatr/trail-safe.htm for
NPS-produced safety videos for working on the trails.  I recommend everyone on the crew view them.  Let me know what you think.

– LET SOMEONE KNOW WHERE YOU’RE GOING AND WHEN YOU PLAN TO RETURN:  I know most of us tend to work alone on our trail sections.  It’s always preferable you have at least one other person with you.  Regardless if you’re going out alone or with someone else, ALWAYS let someone know AT HOME and when possible, AT THE VISITOR CENTER  where you’re heading and when you planning to return.  Note this information on your Spooky Beaver vehicle placard and leave it on your vehicle  dashboard.  

5.  Let me know if you have any questions.  

What’s the combination to the tool cache box lock?  (contact Mark Ellis for this information).  

Mark Ellis
PATC District Manager
Prince William Forest Park 

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