Prince William Forest Park

Spooky Beaver Trail Crew Assignments

Below is a current list of trails in PWFP that are maintained by the Spooky Beavers as of  09-17-2020:

Trail Name From/To Miles Overseer
Laurel Loop From Picnic Area to Picnic Area 1.4 FILLED
Birch Bluff From Laurel Loop Tr to Laurel Loop Tr 1.7 FILLED
The Crossing From Parking Area to Parking Area 0.5 FILLED
Farm to Forest From Oak Ridge Camp to Oak Ridge Camp 1.0 FILLED
Farm to Forest Ext From Farm to Forest Tr to Farm to Forest Tr 1.7 FILLED
Oak Ridge From West Gate to Old Black Top Rd 1.8 FILLED
Chopawamsic From Entrance to Entrance 2.2 FILLED
Quantico Cascades From Lake One Rd to North Valley Tr 0.7 VACANT
Cabin Branch Mine From Pyrite Mine Rd to North Valley Tr 0.4 FILLED
Turkey Run Ridge From Turkey Run Rd to South Valley Tr 1.4 FILLED
Little Run Loop From Ed Center to Ed Center 0.6 FILLED
Mary Bird Branch From Scenic Dr to Old Black Top Rd 0.5 FILLED
High Meadow South From South Valley Tr to Scenic Dr 0.7 FILLED
High Meadow North From Scenic Dr to Old Black Top Rd 1.5 FILLED
North Valley From Burma Rd to Quantico Falls Tr 1.5 FILLED
North Valley From Quantico Falls Tr to Cabin Branch Mine Tr 1.6 FILLED
North/South Valley From Cabin Branch Mine Tr to North Orenda Rd 2.0 FILLED
South Valley From Oak Ridge Tr to Mawavi Rd 2.5 VACANT
South Valley From Mawavi Rd to High Meadows Tr 2.5 FILLED
South Valley From High Meadows Tr to Scenic Dr 1st Int 1.6 FILLED
South Valley From Scenic Dr 1st In to Scenic Dr 3rd Int 2.7 FILLED
South Valley From Scenic Dr 3rd Int to North Orenda Rd 1.0 FILLED
Taylor Farm From Scenic Dr to High Meadows Tr 0.9 FILLED
Carter’s Pond From Parking Lot to Dam 0.2 VACANT
Piedmont Forest From Parking Lot to Parking Lot 0.2 FILLED
Muschette From Orenda Fire Rd to Orenda Fire Rd 0.2 FILLED
Algonquin From Parking Lot I to Quantico Creek 0.5 FILLED

If you are interested in being a trail overseer for one of these VACANT trails, please contact Mark Ellis.

Last Updated on October 8, 2020 by Mike C

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