APPA Shutdown check-in

Spooky Beavers:  While the  email below and the attachment is about how the government shutdown impacts the volunteer work on the Appalachian Trail, it applies to all National Parks, including Prince William Forest Park.

We cannot perform any trail maintenance work in Prince William Forest Park until the Government shutdown ends. 

If you choose to hike in the park, the park’s Facebook page indicates you can only drive to the Pine Grove Picnic Area parking lot.  Scenic Drive is blocked at the intersection with Park Entrance Rd.    

Thanks for your patience.  I expect with last night’s snowfall and expected more snow tonight, we likely will have some work to do once the Government shutdown ends

I will keep you posted when the situation changes.

Mark Ellis
District Manager
Potomac Appalachian Trail Club
Prince William Forest Park


We received the attached reminder from the Appalachian National Scenic Trail Chief Ranger through Joe Lombardo several days ago.  I’m sorry, I am learning a new email box and missed seeing it until yesterday.  As the shutdown is ongoing, would you please remind your volunteers working on federal lands of the prohibition on performing volunteer work?

Thank you

John Stacy
Supervisor of Trails
Potomac Appalachian Trail Club

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